Wide open arms of love

Just when we think we ‘have things (somewhat) figured out” children fortunately continue to teach us. Sabriel, my youngest, has given me many mothering moments where I have felt relaxed and experienced AND he has also challenged me immensely to keep growing. In his sensitivity and extreme sense of dignity and self-respect, he does not […]

The Boss of Me!: (Re)Claiming Authentic Power

Today, I offered Maya a bite of my sandwich so she could try the sauce. She made a face that looked like ‘I don’t want to,’ but she didn’t say anything, so I said, “Oh you don’t have to.” She laughed and said with confidence, “I know I don’t have to take a bite if […]

Stop and See without judgement

We are coming out of a week of being sick with coughs, colds and fevers. The exhaustion Ifeel reminds me of life with baby. When we start to have more freedom because our children’s needs are now less physically intense, we can forget what life was like and why things moved so slowly then. I […]

Enforcing limits or loving?

A couple years ago, as I went outside to get a bag out of the garage, I asked my 3 y.o daughter to stay inside because it was cold out there. Of course, being the spirited and self-directed girl that she is, she walks right to the door and opens it, standing there with presence […]

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