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Hi everyone,

I am excited to be participating in a FREE Online Parenting Retreat for Moms, beginning tomorrow, May 25. All of the information that you need to know is available on Ellen Braun’s website: Click here to view more details.

I encourage you to go the website and read all about it!  There are excellent presenters speaking on such a broad range of topics, from positive discipline, ADHD, self-care, to time management and organization for moms.

She has spread the retreat over many days at many times (remember these are Eastern times, so subtract 3 hours) to make it manageable for parents.

If you listen in on the workshops live, you can participate for FREE.

If you decide that you would like a recording of all the workshops, you can purchase them and use this code: savetendollars, to get $10 off the purchase price of $97 that comes with lots of wonderful free bonuses worth over $1000.

To sign up Click here to view more details

And let me know if you’ll be participating. I would love to have you in my workshop tomorrow at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific time. See below for details!



My workshop:

Conscious Mothering: Using your Spiritual Connection and Intuition to guide you in Loving your children and yourself.

Do you ever find yourself stuck in the moment, trying to remember what the parenting experts said about how to handle what’s happening with your children right then and there?  Do you take in a lot of parenting information but find yourself paralyzed by personal issues/history that get in the way? Do you find yourself longing to be connected to the greater vision of what this parenting business is all about?

In this workshop, you’ll learn to use the powerful BREATHE process to remain grounded in life’s challenging moments, heal painful personal history, and find the answers that are right for you and your family.

You’ll be reminded how to tap into your own inner knowing and spiritual connection to guide you above all else.  You’ll learn practical ways to harness the power of your love for your children, to heal and love yourself.

And you’ll reconnect to the grander spiritual picture to walk confidently through your days, trusting yourself as Mother;  a vessel of Divine love, with the power, wisdom and creativity required for this blessed role in life!

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