Sylvia is a soulful, powerful facilitator who knows how to make participants feel comfortable and safe with challenging life topics. Her sensitivity to each person in the circle and unconditional love, create the perfect environment to explore what makes us who we are and who we can become.”

-Nancy M., Anaheim

“Sylvia’s Conscious Mothering Retreats have been just the refreshing drink of water I have needed in my often parched, new-mama life. In the span of a few hours on a Saturday morning, Sylvia opens the space for a community of mothers who allow me to feel heard, validated, supported and loved in the journey of mothering. I leave feeling renewed, refreshed and with a full cup. But even more important to me, I am learning skills to be able to fill my own cup on a daily basis in order to be the person, mother, wife and friend that I want to be.”

-Carol A., Anaheim Hills, CA

“Sylvia has been nothing but a blessing to me and my family.  I met Sylvia my first day out of the house as a mom of 2 children. My second child was less than two weeks old at the time. Sylvia immediately introduced herself and I am so grateful that she did. When I was pregnant the third time, Sylvia encouraged me to join her Conscious Mothering Circle.  I am now a mother of four and I have been attending Circle for over 5 years.

Sylvia has taught me how to love and honor myself so that I can be more like the mom I know in my heart I can be. She has taught me to listen to my heart, follow my gut, and not be afraid to feel my feelings. She has taught the importance of self care and importance of being present for my family.  She has taught me that it is not selfish to take care of myself. In fact, with her help I was able to see that neglecting my needs was actually harmful to me and my family. I can’t speak highly enough about her circle. Thank you Sylvia!”

-Danielle C, Claremont CA

“My time spent with Sylvia practicing Inner Bonding has been consistently uplifting and grounding at the same time. The tools she has given me to communicate with myself and my Guidance has transformed my life. Knowing that access to truth and loving action is easy, the challenge is to realize when I should be asking Guidance for help rather than following my thoughts or feelings in circles. The most profound and lasting message that I keep hearing is “Be as kind, patient, understanding to yourself as you are to your children.” – Erin S., Anaheim, CA

Through Sylvia’s gentle support she has helped me to develop a loving and nurturing relationship with my boys.  I’ve also discovered how important it is to take loving care of myself as a wife and mom. I have learned that when I am balanced and well, my whole family benefits. ~ Kelly L., Fullerton CA 
Sylvia offers “outside the box” parenting insights which have given my family a peaceful and beautiful 6 years.  Thank you for all your hard work to make the lives of our kids and community a better place. ~ Blayne – Father of 2 boys, Fullerton CA 
“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated the CM circle last week. The energy, strength and inspiration I left with has remained with me this past week and I can’t wait until this month’s gathering. The circle IS truly a unique phenomenon and a privilege to be a part of!”-  Lisa, Pasadena, CA 
“When I describe the monthly Conscious Mothering Circle to other moms I know, some of the first words out of my mouth are always “it is just such a safe, loving, whole space for you to express and work on aspects of your life that are holding you back from being the mother you want to be.”
Sylvia is a gifted mama whose compassion and straight talk allow a participant the opportunity to really look within and find answers to issues that may have been welling up for a long time or just initially surfacing. She has a unique way of guiding you but, really you are finding the answers. This empowers you to feel in control and more willing to dig and explore a little deeper those issues that influence how you handle the daily grind of your life in being, a mother, partner, co-worker, sister, friend, etc.
The group setting or circle is so powerful. Listening to other women discuss issues they are having and watching them work with Sylvia to resolve, or work through those issues, is such a learning opportunity. The circle experience is a very unique opportunity to get to know other mamas in a rare state of mind. You get to know your circle-mates intimately and are able to support them and feel their support through out the time spent together. Participating in the Conscious Mothering Circle each month is the best gift I know of to give myself mentally.
I leave the meetings refreshed, grounded, centered, empowered, and loved. As mothers we experience so much giving of ourselves on an hourly basis. Giving yourself the gift of this experience monthly will allow yourself the ability to give all you must give during the month and have a place to mentally fill-up. It is simply the most enlightening few hours a month I participate in. I love it and feel so fortunate to have found Sylvia and to have been open to including her in my life.”- Carrie, Fullerton CA

“Thank you for allowing me to attend your Connecting Within Womens Retreat. I was hesitant and didn’t think it was for me, but I worked up the courage and decided to go anyway. Taking this time ended up being exactly what I needed. Weeks later, I still find myself reflecting on this time I took to nurture myself. During this time I was able reconnect with myself and find the peace I had been avoiding and was severely lacking. Seeing that I am not the only one who is working through “stuff” was also very reassuring and helped me to feel less alone in my own personal struggles. I left feeling refreshed and able to breathe when faced with conflict, as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I cannot recommend this retreat enough!” – Thankful mother of 2

Working with Sylvia was a deeply nurturing experience for me. Her warm, calm presence and her clear inner strength helped me to feel safe exploring emotions that are sometimes difficult for me to open up to. She is a courageous and generous soul, daring to take her compassion into the places where it hurts and turning them into places that can heal. She is highly skilled and experienced with facilitating the healing process in a loving, kind way. I highly recommend working with Sylvia.

-Christy, Glendale, CA

“I cannot say enough good things about Sylvia and the work that she does for women and indirectly for their families and even more exponentially, for the world. The environment she offers through retreats and Conscious Mothering Circles is such a safe, healing space for us mothers to be able to reflect and restore ourselves in an authentically self-loving, self-affirming way. She approaches her work with warmth and grace and makes it possible for women like myself to experience beautiful moments of enlightenment, self-awareness, and catharsis. My spirituality and emotional intelligence is nourished and my soul is perpetually fed by my experiences with Sylvia and the support I receive from her and the mothers who attend these events. It is a Powerful and Invaluable service that she provides.”

-Leslie A, Orange


“I truly enjoyed coming to Sylvia’s Conscious Mothering Circle; it uplifted me, challenged me, and made me look into my own ways of handling life a little better. It was nice to have a small circle of other women going through their own challenges in life, and realizing we all have small demons or issues in our lives to contend with at different levels. It kept me grounded and able to stay healthfully concerned with my family as it matures and grows beyond the young-children-at-home stage. I truly recommend Sylvia’s groups to anyone!” Sue C., CD(DONA), AAH
“I am the mother of two boys, ages 8 & 11. I have been consciously mothering from the start of my parenting journey. I am a La Leche League leader and Nonviolent Parent Educator. Because parenting isn’t always easy, I seek opportunities to care for and refuel myself. When I met Sylvia I was thrilled to learn that is exactly what she offers mama’s. Conscious Mothering retreats are mini vacations for moms. A few hours to lose yourself in meditation, yoga and profound conversation with other moms. Thank you, Sylvia, for providing us with these moments to reflect and recharge. It is a gift for moms and their families!”
-Tova, Long Beach, CA

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