Vessels of Love come in all sizes

Today as I sat in my bedroom with my computer on my lap, Maya peeked in and I reminded her that I am working right now.  I flashed her the “I love you” sign and she gave me a sincere ‘oh I understand’ expression.  I breathed in gratitude that I said that kindly, as I have in the past, said it with grumpiness.

A few minutes later she came back and gave me a notepad, then a few minutes after that, she

brought me a pen and very decidedly placed it next to my computer on the edge of the pillow it is set on.  She then backed out of the room and stood at the door,  carefully ordering her fingers into the “I love you” sign.  Oh my sweetness.

Lately, she has been blessing me in various little ways.  She started about six months ago when she would begin to kiss my hands and my forehead when I left.  It has become this solemn and loving ritual that she carries out;  a solid kiss planted on each hand, a kiss on the forehead, a kiss on the lips, a blessed hug.

She does this all not in the playful way of a child, but in the decisive and strong way of a goddess.  And lately, she has been doing this at night when we are snuggling.  I’m often in my mama place when she does this and I return her love and her blessings.  But sometimes I simply focus on receiving her powerful love.

One soul to another.  I am her mother in this life, but it is clear to me that she is here to teach me, to remind me of our essential strength and power.  She is solid in it.  I sometimes get flighty, insecure in it.   I am often shy in my sharing of love.  Here she is, pouring it forth unabashed and with deep inner knowing that she has LOVE to give, that it is rich, that it is a gift she gives with confidence, that it is good and right.

This is what we all knew before life shut us down in one way or another.

I have been intentionally focusing on being a vessel of Love lately….  I’m so thankful for this pint-sized vessel of Enormous Love who reminds me of the depth of our capacity to not only Love, but to do it powerfully and with complete assurance that God flows through us.

2 comments to Vessels of Love come in all sizes

  • Marilyn Hills

    Love is so powerful. I miss my daughter who is now a Mother of my grandson, Levi. (8 mos. old) How I miss those tender encounters with her when she was just a little girl like Maya. I wish that I was able to attend your Inner Bonding group this Sun. 5/2. However, I look forward to seeing you for my next session. I’ve been struggling through this but I am determined to get better. Many Blessings to you. Marilyn

  • admin

    Hi Marilyn, So good to see you here! I can only imagine how much I will miss these sweet days. It must feel so new to witness your daughter being Mother now. I would have loved to have you in the group, but do look forward to seeing you soon! Your determination is clear :) Have you found any horse connections yet?

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