The transformational power of (re) Connection!

The Waldorf conference that I attended this past weekend, reminded me so heavily how disconnected our society is and how crucial it is for us to connect within.  Over and over again, I heard women talk about the problems they were facing and over and over again the solution somehow entailed coming back to connection; connection with themselves (time away, self-care, self-love), God/Love (nurturing spiritual practice), with nature (the natural rhythm, pacing and beauty of nature), and with each other (community, authentic relationships).

We so often look at our symptoms and seek a solution to that symptom, but we must look at where our points of disconnection are throughout our life (lack of self-care, spiritual connection, too little time in nature, cluttered/hurried life, and so on).  These are often the underlying cause of the symptom at hand but they are so ingrained that we barely see them.  We must step back, look at the whole picture and find our way back to connection.

This weekend was an important reminder for me as I had been focusing on the symptoms of a power struggle between Lucas and I. I was looking at it, trying to figure it out, telling myself that I needed to get some help on it. Instead, I went away for this conference and had time to simply connect with myself and with other beautiful kindred spirits, so warm and welcoming.  My heart and soul were deeply nourished.

This week, I am lighter.  All of our dynamics are lighter. Instead of trying to fix the problem, I am so full that I can laugh at it; laugh at my own need to control anything, or make anything different.  Taking the time to connect with myself and with God, and truly giving myself the time and space to do so,  has worked the miracle I needed.  I see with new eyes… again… I remember that I am not alone, that God/Love is greater and I am guided, that the little things don’t matter and what’s more important is to find the joy in each moment.

There is no way I could have gotten here by focusing on the problem.  The answer was wider (and yet simpler) than that.   What would it look like for you to find time and space to deeply nurture and connect within this week?

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