Wide open arms of love

Just when we think we ‘have things (somewhat) figured out” children fortunately continue to teach us. Sabriel, my youngest, has given me many mothering moments where I have felt relaxed and experienced AND he has also challenged me immensely to keep growing. In his sensitivity and extreme sense of dignity and self-respect, he does not […]

Embracing the Seasons of Life

While we have yet to see many traditional signs of Autumn here yet, the heat waves are bringing the familiar delicious beach weather and the signs for pumpkin spiced ‘this’ and ‘that’ are everywhere…so of course I am thinking about seasons.

We generally feel the rhythm of the current season as a direct parallel to […]

The Virtues of my Low Tech Pregnancy

This is my third pregnancy. The first time around I was in the ER, looking at my baby through a cervical ultrasound when 6 weeks pregnant… after I had panicked when feeling some cramping. That pregnancy began with the assumption that I was going to give birth in a hospital, so I started my prenatal […]

Hibernation…a call to restoration and slow peace

All around us, nature is slowing down, if not coming to a complete halt. Though it may be hard to remember here in sunny California, all over the world, animals are retreating to their sleepy dens to wait the winter out. And those animals who don’t hibernate, often slow down in some way, like my […]

Conscious Living: Resting in Autumn’s wisdom

The end of summer brings with it a frenzy of activities whether school, work, sports or the upcoming holidays…and it is easy to become overwhelmed by our schedules. This compounded by the fact that with all of our modern technologies (lights, cars, cell phones) we tend to push ourselves beyond our natural rhythm.

Observing and […]

Conscious Mothering: A River of Release

Here is an article I wrote two years ago, describing the way our pasts touch our present life as mothers and offer many moments for healing, growth and surrender….

“I want to wake up

I want to know where I’m going

I want to go where the rivers are over-flowing

I’m ready to let the […]

Riding the Wave of Life

On my last day in Maui, I stepped into the salty warm water of the ocean, consciously feeling the gift of this sea. She comes alive for me, this earth, particularly in the way that the ocean can hold you, embrace you, rock you, invade your every senses…Often I feel my deepest awareness of God […]

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