Welcoming Autumn with Our Children (Autumnal Equinox)

A day early, my dear friend Erin and I took our children to the beach to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. Over the years we have come together as kindred spirits in our love of nature and the rhythms it helps us keep in life and our hearts.

So after much delighted wave diving and frolicking, […]

Conscious Parenting: Preserving a Natural Pace

Our family is blessed to have vacationed in Maui many times over the years. Every time we arrive and I feel the warm winds blow, I take a deep breath and feel my body melt with relief: here is a place that moves at my pace. In Maui, my efforts to slow down are not […]

Hibernation…a call to restoration and slow peace

All around us, nature is slowing down, if not coming to a complete halt. Though it may be hard to remember here in sunny California, all over the world, animals are retreating to their sleepy dens to wait the winter out. And those animals who don’t hibernate, often slow down in some way, like my […]

West Coast Tour: Life in the Woods

Next, our journey led us to an exquisitely beautiful spot on the Hood canal in our Godmama’s sister and brother in law’s perfect little cottage. We have been here twice before and it is one of our favorite places on the planet. Lush green, tender leaved trees in verdant new blooms, with the heartier, darker […]

Girl Drama; reflecting outside of the box

The other day, I was talking with a friend about her concerns for her daughter and all the “girl drama” she has experienced at school. In my “past life” as a school social worker, I would have addressed the symptom, and discussed problem solving skills, self-esteem building tips, etc. But today as I stood there, […]

Natural Eating

Having grown up very urban, I was like many of our country’s population who did not know where or how food grew. I was food addicted and grew up eating enormous amounts of sugar and junk food. Finding my way through all of this, has been a journey that brought me to a few simple […]

Drinking in Nature, Everywhere

*I wrote this a couple years ago before our chickens and ducks brought nature home even more. These reflections helped me to actively experience the blessing of nature everywhere which is a foundation of connecting within. I would love to hear ways you have noticed and celebrated nature in your community as well!

For a […]

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