The Healing Power of Holding

(I wrote this ages ago for the Inner bonding website, and just realized I never posted it here. It is still just as essential, so I share it with all of you in the hopes you will find your ways to the mothering and fathering you always deserved. )

Today as I held a member […]

Autumn Equinox- reflections and ideas for families

These past few weeks my daughter and son have been co-creating a nature ‘school’ with me that we have been sharing with some beautiful families. It has been so fun dreaming up crafts, activities, stories, games, and sharing songs. I’m always amazed at the creativity that pours out of all of us as we contemplate […]

Embracing vulnerability; what conscious pregnancy is teaching me about opening our hearts

The thin veil on emotions that one experiences while pregnant is a divine gift. I have experienced this pregnancy as a time of great shedding; shedding old fears (what if, what if, what if), shedding old limiting beliefs (I can’t possibly mother three, my children can’t handle sharing me, etc.) shedding external things like clutter […]

Wondrous Acceptance

Every time I come to Maui, I sink back into an inner knowing that is easy to forget in the middle of suburbia; I am an islander. My inner draw to a slower and simpler way of life, to more presence in each moment, to be closer to the rhythms of nature, to have balance […]

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