Wide open arms of love

Just when we think we ‘have things (somewhat) figured out” children fortunately continue to teach us. Sabriel, my youngest, has given me many mothering moments where I have felt relaxed and experienced AND he has also challenged me immensely to keep growing. In his sensitivity and extreme sense of dignity and self-respect, he does not […]

Understanding your Prickliness

This past Saturday, I was meandering silently through Oak Canyon, a local nature reserve, at the beginning of my Conscious Mothering retreat. As I walked, opening to what Spirit had to teach me, I found myself standing, unable to move, captivated by the cacti; by their rooted presence, strength, tenacity, and natural self-protection.

This is […]

Who is parenting your child?

the king :)

Lately it has become even more apparent to me that parenting has less to do with what we say or do, but rather where we are coming from when we do.

The other day my son Lucas who sprained his ankle, remarked at how he liked “feeling like a king!” because […]

Compassion’s path to Gratitude

This past holiday week, I heard many talking about how we know there is so much to be


grateful for. Consciously we know it…and can even list our blessings easily. Yet for many this year, the spirit of gratitude; the deep welling up of recognition that one is truly blessed, was harder to […]

Conscious Mothering: A River of Release

Here is an article I wrote two years ago, describing the way our pasts touch our present life as mothers and offer many moments for healing, growth and surrender….

“I want to wake up

I want to know where I’m going

I want to go where the rivers are over-flowing

I’m ready to let the […]

Sanctuaries for Grief and Heartbreak

A common challenge to moving through grief is that our society has very little support for the ongoing process that grief is. People get back into their daily life because they must, and everything just keeps hurtling forward. Even those who are grieving can forget that something huge has happened.

In more traditional cultures, […]

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