Healing the Hurts of Our Past

Because we are in Maui, three hours behind on the mainland, we indulged my daughter’s request to ‘stay up until the time I was born!” Nine years ago, at 12:15am, our little Maya burst her into watery tub and my arms taking my breath away with her dark hair, ancient features and powerful essence. This […]

A Missing Key to harnessing The Power to Create Your Reality

“You have the power to create your own reality” is a phrase I have heard often…and often because I grew up with people who were oppressed by very real things in life, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, POVERTY, mental illness, neglect….I have often rejected this idea. It felt too similar to the victim blaming […]

Real Love is Messy sometimes

It was messy….

Although the afternoon began well, with my daughter giving me the sweetest Valentine’s card ever…melting and opening my heart…

a few very small conventional candies later (that I allowed from the bag of way too much sugar brought home), both of my children were exhibiting the very real emotional/behavioral consequences of processed […]

Embracing vulnerability; what conscious pregnancy is teaching me about opening our hearts

The thin veil on emotions that one experiences while pregnant is a divine gift. I have experienced this pregnancy as a time of great shedding; shedding old fears (what if, what if, what if), shedding old limiting beliefs (I can’t possibly mother three, my children can’t handle sharing me, etc.) shedding external things like clutter […]

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos!

“Life is a dream, only in death are we awake.” -Aztec wisdom

Toula's masterpiece

Every year, I look forward to Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the Mexican version of All Saints Day.

Growing up, I was scared away from this holiday because of the skeletons and focus on death that I […]

Conscious Living: Resting in Autumn’s wisdom

The end of summer brings with it a frenzy of activities whether school, work, sports or the upcoming holidays…and it is easy to become overwhelmed by our schedules. This compounded by the fact that with all of our modern technologies (lights, cars, cell phones) we tend to push ourselves beyond our natural rhythm.

Observing and […]

Embracing tears

This past week, I had separate conversations with two women who began to cry as they shared the difficult things in their lives. We were in public, and although they both felt relief at sharing, they intentionally put on their sunglasses to hide their tears. Yes, I know , there are many practical reasons for […]

Conscious Mothering: A River of Release

Here is an article I wrote two years ago, describing the way our pasts touch our present life as mothers and offer many moments for healing, growth and surrender….

“I want to wake up

I want to know where I’m going

I want to go where the rivers are over-flowing

I’m ready to let the […]

Authentically Responding to Criticism

When people raise their voices at children, if the child has not already been “hardened,” the child feels sad, scared, alone. It is how children naturally respond to harsh energy. And unless they’ve been shamed out of this, they express it with tears, tremors, nervous laughter, to name a few of the various reactions a […]

Celebrating Mother in all of us

Lucas has been sick with a bitter cough all week. Two days ago, our doctor told us it would be best for him to take a few days off of school and rest. So we settled back into a life we haven’t enjoyed much since school began… the mellow days of hanging in our backyard, […]

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