Real Love is Messy sometimes

It was messy….

Although the afternoon began well, with my daughter giving me the sweetest Valentine’s card ever…melting and opening my heart…

a few very small conventional candies later (that I allowed from the bag of way too much sugar brought home), both of my children were exhibiting the very real emotional/behavioral consequences of processed […]

Girl Drama; reflecting outside of the box

The other day, I was talking with a friend about her concerns for her daughter and all the “girl drama” she has experienced at school. In my “past life” as a school social worker, I would have addressed the symptom, and discussed problem solving skills, self-esteem building tips, etc. But today as I stood there, […]

Learning to connect, boy style

The last few days my six year old, Lucas, has seemed like something was bothering him. He’s been a bit more aggressive and sensitive. So today, I listened to God’s nudging, and took him for a Mommy/Lucas date. As usual, I gave him carte blanche and let him tell me what he wanted […]

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