Understanding your Prickliness

This past Saturday, I was meandering silently through Oak Canyon, a local nature reserve, at the beginning of my Conscious Mothering retreat. As I walked, opening to what Spirit had to teach me, I found myself standing, unable to move, captivated by the cacti; by their rooted presence, strength, tenacity, and natural self-protection.

This is […]

Embracing the Seasons of Life

While we have yet to see many traditional signs of Autumn here yet, the heat waves are bringing the familiar delicious beach weather and the signs for pumpkin spiced ‘this’ and ‘that’ are everywhere…so of course I am thinking about seasons.

We generally feel the rhythm of the current season as a direct parallel to […]

Conscious Birth: The one that changed everything

Sabriel Caius’ birth….

(grab a cup of tea)

Being five days overdue I awoke on the morning of august 24th with incredible energy and a resolution to enter the day fully and simply ask, ‘what would be fun to do with this ‘free’ day?” rather than wallow in limbo land. So off we went to […]

A Missing Key to Building Children’s Self-Esteem

A client asks, “How can I help my child have good self esteem, when I don’t?”

The fact that she can recognize that this is a problem

is the first step! So often, parents, particularly those that have personal histories to heal, focus intensely on helping their children to have the confidence they don’t. However, […]

The Boss of Me!: (Re)Claiming Authentic Power

Today, I offered Maya a bite of my sandwich so she could try the sauce. She made a face that looked like ‘I don’t want to,’ but she didn’t say anything, so I said, “Oh you don’t have to.” She laughed and said with confidence, “I know I don’t have to take a bite if […]

Love within and with Japan; the power we have to help heal the world

As a mother, who knows the importance of being prepared, I completely understand why there is so much worry about the potential radiation effects from the crisis in Japan. However, what I am hearing alot of is FEAR…and some are capitalizing on this for their own self interest.

I want to put out a simple […]

When Life Feels Hard

Many of my friends and clients are experiencing similar situations where “life” just feels hard. Perhaps your relationship is strained, or you are struggling financially, or you feel unsupported and alone as a mother….and it feels like no amount of ‘perspective shifting’ or ‘positive thinking’ or even prayer will get you through. Or you are […]

West Coast Tour: Life in the Woods

Next, our journey led us to an exquisitely beautiful spot on the Hood canal in our Godmama’s sister and brother in law’s perfect little cottage. We have been here twice before and it is one of our favorite places on the planet. Lush green, tender leaved trees in verdant new blooms, with the heartier, darker […]

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