Autumn Equinox- reflections and ideas for families

These past few weeks my daughter and son have been co-creating a nature ‘school’ with me that we have been sharing with some beautiful families. It has been so fun dreaming up crafts, activities, stories, games, and sharing songs. I’m always amazed at the creativity that pours out of all of us as we contemplate […]

Real Love is Messy sometimes

It was messy….

Although the afternoon began well, with my daughter giving me the sweetest Valentine’s card ever…melting and opening my heart…

a few very small conventional candies later (that I allowed from the bag of way too much sugar brought home), both of my children were exhibiting the very real emotional/behavioral consequences of processed […]

Welcoming Autumn with Our Children (Autumnal Equinox)

A day early, my dear friend Erin and I took our children to the beach to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. Over the years we have come together as kindred spirits in our love of nature and the rhythms it helps us keep in life and our hearts.

So after much delighted wave diving and frolicking, […]

The Bigger Picture: Keeping our Children Close

I am really enjoying my re-read of Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate’s book, Hold Onto Your Kids. In this book, they describe how children’s excessive attachment to peers sabotages their development. What our children really need, they say, is a strong attachment to their parents and other positive adults who can provide the invaluable support […]

Little Body, Enormous Spirit: what my baby (in utero) is teaching me about the power of our souls

Zumba matches Iris' energy

With all of my children, I have taken time while they were in utero to connect with their spirits. With Lucas, in the midst of my anxiety about his health, I connected to a sweet, caring spirit assuring me that all was well. With Maya, I experienced very clearly […]

Getting Ready for Baby Three: the unexpected sweetness of change

My journey thus far with my children has been the greatest gift in my life; a daily, heavenly communing with bright souls I love so much. I am very satisfied with my two children. Which is partly why we took so long to commit to having a third child. And we weren’t the […]

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos!

“Life is a dream, only in death are we awake.” -Aztec wisdom

Toula's masterpiece

Every year, I look forward to Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the Mexican version of All Saints Day.

Growing up, I was scared away from this holiday because of the skeletons and focus on death that I […]

West Coast Tour: Life in the Woods

Next, our journey led us to an exquisitely beautiful spot on the Hood canal in our Godmama’s sister and brother in law’s perfect little cottage. We have been here twice before and it is one of our favorite places on the planet. Lush green, tender leaved trees in verdant new blooms, with the heartier, darker […]

Conscious Family West Coast Tour; We’re off!

And we’re off! We began with a weekend in Oakhurst, (gateway town to Yosemite) celebrating my nephew’s birthday with family who is lucky enough to live there. We enjoyed their giant shady oak trees, beautiful Bass lake, a gazillion stars and family time. L and M delighted in playing with their treasured cousins and having […]

Connecting with reverence and massage

To celebrate my husband Sean’s birthday, we treated ourselves to a date at a local hot springs spa. We each received massages, and as we lounged in the mineral pool afterward, we discussed how we could bring this level of connection and nurture home. So we established Massage and Movie Night, adding massage as a […]

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