Seven Year Old Wonder

Lucas is turning seven this week.  Seven is such a magical age, and here we are.

Every evening a dream of tender connection as he shares his heart, his questions and his delightful discoveries of the day.

I can look back and think of many moments when I have bemoaned the fact that my children grow up.  I simply love the baby years; the innocence and purity;  the way a baby just lives and breathes their essence and full expression.

One of our traditions is to honor the birthday child with a birthday blessing.  After we light candles and arrange various treasures as decorations, Sean and I take turns sharing memories and reflections of the child’s essence from year to year.  We reflect on how the light we saw in them as a baby, is everpresent in their blossoming over the years. In the past, I have always done this with a bit of nostalgia, reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ when he was a sweet little baby.

Yet, tonight as we snuggled up and Lucas asked me his ever wondrous questions, I felt profound gratitude for the gift of more fully knowing this amazing soul…for the gift of his ability to communicate more deeply what is in his heart, mind, spirit.  I realized with a bit of a shock that my tendency to glorify the old days was keeping me from fully absorbing what an amazing moment with him, this is.  Seven.

So tonight, I consciously brought my whole attention to who Lucas is now (at least, what I know of this).  I was literally overwhelmed as I reflected on the privilege of sharing life with this nearly seven year old wonder-full boy;  so thoughtful, complex, caring, vibrant, and exquisite… to try to sum him up with words feels like a feeble attempt to describe the Divine….

Seven, seven, seven beautiful, grace-filled years of connection, learning and growth with a very wise soul.  I am so grateful.

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