Introducing….Conscious Family Journeys!


For awhile now I have been inspired by travel bloggers. By their ability to let go of the trappings of life and really see and experience the natural world, and the diversity of life and people that reflects the greatness of the Divine in and through us.

It is precisely this freedom and reconnection to the essential that inspires our family to embark on so many journeys.

Reconnecting to nature, to ourselves and each other through the act of adventuring, as I like to call it, is one of the most healing and connecting activities I know.  And engaging with life this way does not require that we drop everything and become bohemian travelers (right now :).

If we are conscious and committed to living life fully, we can bring abundant adventure into our lives no matter where we are or what our resources.  The best things in life ARE free, and all we need to do is devote the time, space and presence to enjoy them.

For this reason I was inspired to start a new category on the Connecting Within site:  Conscious Family Adventures.  Here I will document free flow (because this is how we explore) recollections of our adventures, how we squeeze some of them into our “regular” life, and insights gained along the way.  A part-time travel blog of sorts, with a conscious family spin. I hope you enjoy our sharing here and I look forward to hearing about your adventures too.

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