Return to natural consciousness

In this day and age there is such a disconnect from our innate knowing and connection to Truth and Love. A disconnect from the natural flow of life and what is healthy for us. Consumerism, materialism, modernism have disconnected us from what humans naturally need and inherently know.

My goal is to reconnect people to what they already know and to the source of this knowing that is within and all around them; in their hearts, in the love and presence of God, in the miracle of the natural world, and the continual growth of humanity’s love, healing and possibility.


In essence, I want to help return us to our own natural consciousness, recognizing that what is good for us is readily evident in our hearts and the natural world around us. We already are and already have what we need to be happy, joyful and connected to ourselves and each other. In my writing, workshops and private sessions, I inspire and guide clients to connect within, with God/Love, and with the natural world to find peace, purpose and joy.

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