Embracing the Seasons of Life

While we have yet to see many traditional signs of Autumn here yet, the heat waves are bringing the familiar delicious beach weather and photo-34the signs for pumpkin spiced ‘this’ and ‘that’ are everywhere…so of course I am thinking about seasons.

We generally feel the rhythm  of the current season as a direct parallel to what is going on in our lives; reflecting and slowing in autumn, hibernating and restoring in winter, awakening and emerging in spring, and celebrating and playing in summer….but there are also the overarching seasons of our lives.

Over the past few years, I have felt neglectful of this blog…there are so many times after a session, circle or retreat where I will be brimming with reflections that I want to share with you here.  I’ve wished it were easier to make this happen, and yet I’ve realized my absence is reflective of what I am often ‘teaching.’ The need to let things fall away temporarily as we navigate the juggling act of prioritizing ourselves and our family.  Reflecting on life seasons helps a great deal here.

I remember when I read in Naomi Aldort’s book, paraphrased, “I’m sorry I did not get this book out to you earlier but I was doing the work I am encouraging you to do; being present with my children”…I felt so encouraged by this reminder of the seasons in our lives.

Going on our fourth year of my husband being in his PhD program, supporting my vibrant toddler, working with my amazing clients, growing our food and now homeschooling my daughter (yay!) has filled my days!  We all know this busyness…it has become our way of life, even for those of us who are conscious of keeping it at bay. We all simply move too fast and our lives are pulled in every direction.

This weekend, I loved hearing my permaculture instructor say, “There is no balance! Everything is constantly changing and we have never been here before”

Yes, yes, yes! He is talking about our dynamic world and I am thinking about my dynamic ‘world!’ It feels so much better to simply honor that life is fluid, each moment is an opportunity and the only real balance is to choose love and growth when we can and make peace with the rest that is also part of the journey.

So in those times when I find my head moving into the many ideas that I want to share here in this blog, but my toddler tugs on my pant leg and says ‘pay (play) with mama’  or my daughter wants me to watch her millionth amazing cartwheel, or my son at his tender new double digit age of 10, sits down at all to talk ….that messy and elusive balance has looked like me putting that blog idea aside and simply being present to the love and growth, right here, in this precious season of my life.

I add that brimming idea to the list which will someday make the post or even book so many have encouraged me to write. To another list, I add my ideas for gathering spiritual community…which I know I will expand on when the time comes.

This time with young children is the summer of mothering life: alive with laughter, hugs, tears, tantrums, rambunction, many moments of “I don’t know what to do!” and “help me guidance!”…and so much more as any mamas know. It gives me so much peace to simply enjoy being here in this season and know that the Fall of an empty nest will open wide lots of time to do the many other things.

Whatever it is for you, I hope that looking at your life as having seasons can bring you some peace as well.

(All this said, I also know that writing here and sharing with you is important to me and part of my own balance. So moving forward I will still write brief posts, approximately once a month so we can stay connected <3)

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