Conscious Parenting support will help you to:

  • Fill the gaps that emerge when your childhood experience is different from what you are trying to create as parents for your children
  • Strengthen and develop your own inner knowing (intuition, emotional guidance) and spiritual connection to guide you in parenting and self-parenting
  • Honor the sacred role and passages of womanhood/motherhood including pregnancy and birth, to fully experience the healing and preparation that these transitions offer
  • Learn to compassionately mother yourself and heal the wounds of your past to be fully present in the moment with your child (in pregnancy and beyond)
  • Learn to use this journey of sharing life with naturally innocent, pure and vibrant children to reconnect to your own wholeness and perfection


  • Be able to sort through all the information available and simplify by coming back to your inner knowing and what is essential (presence in the moment, surrender, mindfulness, grace).
  • Parent from a deeply loving, confident and connected place of grace and personal power.
    • Joyfully connect with your children as they grow and thrive in the light of their mother’s love and authentic support!

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