Conscious Living: Resting in Autumn’s wisdom

The end of summer brings with it a frenzy of activities whether school, work, sports or the upcoming holidays…and it is easy to become overwhelmed by our schedules.  This compounded by the fact that with all of our modern technologies (lights, cars, cell phones) we tend to push ourselves beyond our natural rhythm.

Observing and participating in the natural world and the seasons, helps us reconnect to the inherent rhythm and flow of life that we require as human beings to feel good.  When we listen to this, we find a contentment and peace that often eludes us, even when we try to ‘make time for ourselves’ in a busy day.

Now that we here in SoCal are finally enjoying some ‘fall weather,’ the crisp feel of the rain-washed air on my face this morning, offered many reminders of Autumn’s call and wisdom:

The wind, the rain, and looming clouds remind us that life moves in a grand flow, that we need do nothing and God holds us all with Divine order…..

The leaves making their last hurrah with brilliant colors, remind us to drink in every moment of life and celebrate the “bright colors” we are here to share with the world, without attachments or expectations of what comes next…

The leaves that surrender and fall to the earth remind us that this is a season of letting go….allowing ourselves to fall into that scary place of the unknown…to let a chapter end and a new one begin…

The darkness of night that enfolds us earlier and earlier, reminds us to come home to our souls…. to self care, a slower pace, contemplation, and yes, simple rest

And so much more…..

All around, the earth is ‘dying’ but we know better.   We know this season of losses is a necessary purification… a call from the natural world to look at what is ready to ‘die’ in our own lives, our own hearts…

in order to allow for the sweet sleep and reflection of winter…that then transforms and breathes life anew in spring.

However busy life has made you, take time to allow the wisdom of Autumn to seep into your pores.  Let every fallen leaf remind you of the courage that you have to let go and trust Life…

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