Bliss Followers; trusting your heart’s desires to lead you

I’ve seen it over and over in sessions with clients.  When I suggest that people “follow their bliss” and do the things that delight their souls, a ‘guilty’ child-like grin spreads all over their face.  As they play with the idea of completely trusting their desires and following their hearts, their countenance becomes brighter and brighter until they are beaming.  Their eyes sparkle, their energy shifts, they become excited, joyful and hopeful, just dreaming about the possibilities.

The way a person ‘lights’ up when they talk about their interests and passions is always validation that this is God in them, moving, seeking to be expressed in the world.  Too often we were told to play small and to defer our dreams for various reasons, usually by people who were deferring theirs (forgetting the God/light in themselves).  So it can be a challenge to break out of these old messages that you are being decadent, indulgent, selfish to pursue what you want.

As we become more conscious on our healing path, we learn to listen to and trust the voice of our hearts and where it will lead us.  We learn to trust that what ‘ignites’ us, what inspires passion, and interest for us, is part of our Divine purpose and must be expressed.

One of the things that creates this excitement and passion for me is travel.  There is simply joy in the discovery, the forward movement, the simplicity, and the invitation to be fully present and conscious in each moment.   Friends and family will tease me and say things like, “I don’t know anyone who ‘vacations’ as much as you!”  And it is true, I do ‘adventure’ a lot, instead of the many things others choose to do for fun.  It is my bliss and I am a devoted follower.

This time my bliss has taken us to a place of literal bliss; the magical, healing island of Maui.   As we step on the decadently soft, golden sand and walk toward the crystal clear aquamarine water, with palm trees really swaying in the warm breeze, I am overwhelmed.  My heart sings gratitude to me, for bringing myself here, for listening and trusting, despite the naysayers inside my mind and out.

And like all desires, the drive to be here again on this beautiful island has a deeper purpose.   Maui has always been a respite, a ‘family retreat’ time to take stock of how we are living and to refine where we may have gone off course a bit.   Here we are reminded to live simply, to connect to nature, to reduce busyness and distractions in our daily life, to go with the flow, to drink in beauty, to relish each other, and to soak in every moment of life and its learning.

And as you can see, the adage, “When mama is happy, the family is happy” is very true here.

If it has been a while since you truly honored and listened to your heartfelt desires, here’s a fun way to reconnect:  Decide on a time every day where you allow yourself to fully and playfully (without judgment or limits) DAYDREAM, asking yourself, “What would I love? What would inspire me? Thrill me? Fulfill me?  Connect to your heart and your creativity, and allow the light in you to speak .  Make a mental note, or journal, about what came up for you.  Then do this over and over again for a few days, weeks, or months (it’s up to you!)  You will begin to notice common threads that reflect your lasting and deepest authentic desires which are your own unique, spiritual roadmap.follow bliss

May you all follow your bliss and trust that wherever it leads you is where you are meant to be.

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